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Getting to Understand H.E.

This page should hopefully answer a few of your questions if you are just finding out about Home Education. Below these paragraphs are some pertinent links to sites to give more detail and help. The below is reproduced with permission from

To Home Educate you don't need to:

* Be a teacher - many teachers are choosing home-based education for their own children, but most Home Educators have no qualifications in this field. Many times you'll find that the parents are learning alongside their child; either whilst helping with subjects that the adult has no previous knowledge of, or whilst remembering and building on subjects that they dimly recall from their own education.

* Follow the National Curriculum (NC) - you don't have to follow the NC unless you want to. With home-based education you have the flexibility to follow your child's interests instead. You also don't have to put your child through SATs!

* Provide 'school-at-home' - unless this method suits you and your child. There are many ways to help a child to learn, and mirroring the way they do it at school is only one. There are Home Educators that follow a child-led, autonomous style, and others that purchase whole curriculum's to use. In between there is a whole range of other ways. One of them should be suitable for your own child. If you should decide to follow a 'school-at-home' path you'll most likely find that you can cover more in two hours a day than they can cover in a whole day at school.

* Spend a lot of money - Home Education can be as expensive or as cheap as you personally make it. There are a wealth of resources available online, plus the Library, educational programmes on television, museums, local groups etc. Some places will give you the schools discount if you state that you are Home Educating as well.

* Be subject to inspections by the Local Education Authority (LEA) - but the LEA does have a duty to intervene if it appears that a child is not receiving a suitable education. The LEA is allowed to make informal enquiries to satisfy themselves. Some Home Educators are happy to have a LEA representative visit with them at home and have their child show what they have been doing. Others prefer to send a written Educational Philosophy to the LEA, or meet with them on neutral ground to discuss matters. Some Home Educators never even hear from the LEA. It is worth remembering that the LEA has no legal right of entry to your home, and no rights to test your child. However, if the LEA believes that your child is not receiving a suitable education they can issue a School Attendance Order and force your child to attend the school of their choice. This is a very rare occurrence though, and should not happen without a lot of prior correspondence.

I intend to add a page of local HE Groups pages soon.

Essential Quick Start Links

Free Range Education Legal Advice - good place to start if you need to know where you stand. There is a legal specialist attached to the site. The info on Fred is pertinent to England and Wales, for Scotland, see Schoolhouse.

Education Otherwise - my personal opinion is its worth spending £20 on joining EO - at least for the first year. You get a book and newsletter and an introduction to lots of support.

In addition, the eo site has an International Home Education Page

Home Education UK - everything you need, put better than i did!

Support Lists

The first is affiliated to this site, the others are ones i found useful in my initial quest for information, there are many more and i am happy to add links to them if they are sent to me.

MuddlePuddle -0-8years predominantly, HE and Parenting Support

Click to subscribe to MuddlePuddle

Education Otherwise - general support and info

Click to subscribe to eo

UKFamilies Home Education - 'A friendly discussion group, covering many topics, for home educating families - both new and old'

Gifted Home Ed - for parents of "gifted" children in or out of school

Click to subscribe to gifted-home-ed-uk

Other Lists

Education Otherwise Lists has an excellent page of lists that are available - of these UK HE is a busy and useful one, with an emphasis on the political stance of Home Education and the rights of Home Educators. Its occasionally difficult to join, not being on yahoo but here is an explanation,copied with permission from the EO site.

UK Home Education Support Listserv

If you would like to join this FREE mailing list, send an email to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.AOL.COM

In the message text, type only: SUBSCRIBE UK-HOME-ED followed by a space, then your name (as it appears in the header of your email postings).

For example:SUBSCRIBE UK-HOME-ED Fred Bloggs

HE Special UK

Visit Netpals to join this list.


I intend to add a page of mailing list links to more specialised lists soon.


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