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My eldest daughter is old enough to be in Reception Class this year.... but she isn't.

I have no plans to send her to school for the forseeable future so i started this site, initially as a place to collect links i liked for her, but i like to think it became more than that.

This site is NOT intended to be politically active in term of HE rights, although i have given webspace to causes before and would do again.

This site is intended to cater for roughly the 0-8 range - i guess i'll have to think again when Fran gets to 8!

This site is not intended to give info directly on HE rights and requirements but it has relevant links under the Home Education button and i am working on a quick start page for those who need help fast.I am trying to collect articles form people on why they choose home education though to help and encourage those who need it.

This site is open to offers of articles, themes, content or requests for the same. I'll always do my best!

I take a huge interest in all types and styles of education (well... maybe apart from school!) so i intend to cover as many as i can on my site. I think I have a lot to learn from picking the best of everything..... my friend calls this being an eclectic home educator..i like that!

The MuddlePuddle list is open to all with an interest in Home Education for the Early Years. It takes pride in being accepting of people from every walk of HEing life - unschoolers, autonomous-ers (is that a word?), montessorians, structured...whatever. It is well known for being friendly, welcoming and uncritical :~)

MuddlePuddle Home Education, MudPud and MP and the names Pud, Moo and Squash when used as reference to this Home Education site and related events are the copyright of the site owner. These terms should not be used in relation to Home Education without the continuing consent of the site owner. The site owner does NOT assert copyright over any linked items, articles attributed to others within the site or any clip art featured on this site.

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