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Neopets!!!! A fabulous site of games where you explore a world and earn points to feed your neopet!!! Go to "Create a Pet" to sign up.


I can fill a whole page with Montessori links, just for starters, so that is what I have done! Click above to get to a page full of sites of descriptions of the method, support sites, pictures of the materials, articles and ways to use montessori in the home, international montessori communities, the list is endless. I hope you will give it a look - I have moved a long way from thinking it was a way of hothousing children into the right prep-school, to realising it is a fantastic method for helping my child feel part of her home, important to the running of her home and helping to give her skills that give her pleasure and power.

Charlotte MasonUpdated October 2002

My first 8 years were spent in a small Charlotte Mason (PNEU) school in Nottingham. I had no idea I had been taught according to Home Education Principles of the 19th and early 20th Century but I do know it was a fantastic experience. In a warm and friendly teaching environment we were encouraged to find out for ourselves, follow projects, learn about fine art and beautiful music, read whatever we chose and follow our inclinations to discover knowledge. I will never forget Mrs Sears religiously finding out chemical symbols for me to collect every week, orthe patience of Mrs Peters teaching us french from the age of 6. I have now found some CM links and am working through them to find the best of the best!!!!!!!


A really beautiful to look at site that pulls together many ideals of eduation and home education. Whatever philosophy is yours, there is bound to be something to interest you.


I have included Piaget because I am interested in his theories of child development and I think this article ties in nicely with Charlotte Mason and Montessori. There are some really interesting perceptions on the growth of a child here.

John Holt

Another prolific writer of homeschooling common sense, written from an American point of view. Definitely anti-schooling, Holt strove to give parents and children the courage to follow their hearts and educate in a way that suited the individual family.

John Gatto

A list of articles by a superb writer on education. I am just starting to work my way through them, but they are good!

Taking Children Seriously (TCS)

A philosophy of non-coercive living for and with children. Kind of links with Autonomy and Libertarianism though I am searching for more links on these as well!

Rudolph Steiner/Waldorf

A school run on these principles with lots of information and good links.

National Curriculum

It seems only fair to include this page too because lots of home educators in the UK use the National Curriculum, even though it is not a requirement. Many parents like to check their children are reasonably in line, skills wise, with others of their age and ability. There will undoubtedly be good ideas for projects in amongst this site, or just reassurance that you are doing fine!


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