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My junior school was a Charlotte Mason PNEU School in Nottingham, England. Educationally they were undoubtedly the best years i had. Alongside Montessori, CM methods seem to suit home education the best for me, both child centred but with a thread of structure in some ways that satisfies my need to feel we are "doing something". That said, a child shown CM/Montessori in early years would probably be perfectly suited to being self led in later years... it seems extremely liberating in ideology. Here are some sites that have been interesting to me; its been an amazing enlightenment to read about the reasons behind all those things i did as a child... and lovely to recall them.

I'm currently working my way through these and will do "six of the best" when i have finished - i'll probably sort some articles into the main CM categories as well. Most of the CM interest seems to be U.S. based, I'm going to have to find out if its popular in the UK too!

Here is my work in progress of recalling my PNEU days

A-Z of Homeschooling - a set of links to articles/essays

HomeSchoolInformation - lots of resources and help on CM methods.

Heartland - more, very good, articles. - Charlotte Mason in a Nutshell, plus a great deal more from the links on the left of the page.

Twaddle-Free Reading List

CM STUDY LOOP - an email group with useful links attached. I need to join this group so i'd better check its okay to put it here as well but i'll lose the link if i don't put it here for now!

Ambleside Online - possibly the best known CM site and a free online curriculum and support group.




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