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merryfruit got their Neopet at

Neopets!!!! A fabulous site of games where you explore a world and earn points to feed your neopet!!! Go to "Create a Pet" to sign up.


Activities and Resources

Colouring pages tend to be hidden within larger sites so I have included specific links for these. If you find a broken one, please let me know. Some of these also contain online colouring pages, or can be downloaded and coloured on your computer using mspaint. It is always worth looking on the Activity Sites page and Themes/Resources page as most sites on these also have colouring pages included. For simplicity I have not duplicated them.


Just what they say - but lots of them and really nice!

All about Colouring

Lots hidden in this site - have a good look around. Bible stuff, Jewish stuff, countries and cultures, even some on going to the dentist!


At the bottom of the resource list are various colouring sites - some are also on here, but there is more to look at too. (The worksheets also look good!)


Fruit and veg, cars and dinosaurs. Don't ask me why! But very nice. Looks a good site all round...

Sarah's Rainy Day Resources

These zoo pictures are lovely and if you go back to the home page, there is even more to look at!

Jay Jay the Jet Plane.

No idea who he is but looks a bit like a cartoon character I do remember. Anyway, nice if you have a plane mad toddler! (As opposed to plain mad... like mine...)

Disney Go

Lots of favourite characters to print and colour.

We Can Work it Out

Probably a bit school based but colouring pages for bad, grumpy moments. Plus some nice links.

Alphabet Soup - Mother Goose

Follow the links into the nursery rhymes and print off the pages. Very nice.

Rainbow Planet

A really imaginative selection of mythical colouring pages. Go wild!


Follow the link to the PrintZone.

The Crayonhouse

A selection of quality themed colouring books.

Preschool Colouring

A really excellent selection of colouring pages, coloured borders to do artwork within and journals to complete. Very nice indeed!

Print and Colour

A list of links, some also on this page, to various colouring sites. The ones with "Print your own colouring page" after them are particularly educational on a wide range of subjects but hard to bookmark singly.

Winnie the Pooh

Downloadable, high quality pages.


This whole site is gorgeous but the colouring pages are particularly superb.

Nite Owl

Nursery rhyme pages to colour, often with words included, to bring something new to your favourites.


Colouring pages linked to familiar tv characters.

Colouring Book

A good selection of nice colouring pages.

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