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MuddlePuddle Dinosaur Project Aimed at Ages 3+

The above is a simple list of ideas I generated after deciding to do a dinosaur project with my girls. As we complete them I will post my methods, materials used, the learning ideals that have been fulfilled and some photos.

MuddlePuddle Dinosaur Activities - Dinosaur Dominos and more to come!

Crafts and Learning Activities

Enchanted Learning

A particularly excellent set of pages explaining the different ages and eras and which dinosaurs lived when. I think this is one of the best i have seen on this site, and its all good!

Kid's Domain Dinosaurs

The glossary is great, the riddles are ridiculous, the clipart clever (and works!) and the printables delectable! Enjoy it - we did!!

RainbowPreschoolDinosaur Activities

Games, songs puzzles and playdough activities - this is perfect for early years. I love everything I have seen at this site.

Enchanted Learning Dinosaurs A-Z and then Some!

A Dinosaur colouring and information book to cut out and make with simple versions for younger children. Fairly simplistic designs but the information makes up for it. This site can take you on a major wander, so make sure you bookmark here!


Lots of... well... dino fun!

Debbie's Dinosaurs

Excellent array of links on crafts and information here plus some pure fun elements too. The end of the page has mothers day ideas if you want to drop hints for next year!

Dinosaurs - A Thematic Unit

There is a classroom based list of activities and skills here which translate to home education, plus a list of links for older children too. Well worth a look.

abcteach - Dinosaurs

This site has a lot to offer - I like the facts, the booklets and the recipe - though it sounds yukky!


Don't be put off by the slightly scary look this site has as the paper dinosaurs look excellent. A word of warning though, you might want to supervise use of the site as there is a slightly questionable recipe advertised!

Mainly Colouring

Ladybird Dinosaurs

This is supposedly graded into 3 levels but click on any of the three Print and Colour Icons and you'll find dinosaurs galore. We have used these for lots of activities.

Ivy's Colouring Pages

Beautiful pictures to colour, suitable for all sorts of ages and a ready done search on individual dinosaurs behind each picture. Ivy, you are great!

Places to Visit

The Natural History Museum

A great day out (home educator apparently get in free!) and a great site too.

Information Sites

Kinetosaurs - A Dino Database

Good, simple facts, excellent illustrations and lovely black and white versions to colour too. A really attractive and useful site.

Explore My World

Though this is aimed at an older child, there is plenty for an early years parent to look at. The main themes of dinosaur discovery are carefully flagged up with ideas for exploration which can easily be adapted for a younger child. One of the best sites for information and ideas I have found.

The Great Dinosaur Mystery

An audio visual tour of dinosaur lives and lands with games and learning resources included.

The Dinosauria - The Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Who named them, how they walked, ate, nested and died. There is plenty for a parent needing extra facts or an older children ready to go beyond the basics.

The Age of Reptiles Mural

Just take a look - no explanation will do! Also has lots of info, particularly on prehistoric eras.

Computer Clip Art etc

Dinosaur Icons

Really nice icons to download - but if you work out how to use them - let me know!

Dinosaur ClipArt - BillyBear4Kids

Really cute clip art to play with!

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