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Guy Fawkes Night

Guy Fawkes night is a huge UK tradition, probably bigger for us thean Halloween. Traditionally it is taught that Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up The House of Lords with explosives in the cellar but various myths are debunked in the sites below which give a mixture of the myths and the reality. I remember feeling highly disappointed when I discovered there were no cellars under the correct bit and that gunpowder was not strong enough to do the job - so along with the truth, make sure you enjoy the story and keep safe on Fireworks Night too!

New 28/10/01


A really excellent site - appealing to look at simple, factual and very readable with some great thoughts to ponder on. I love it!

The Gunpowder Plot Society

Probably the definitive site. You'll be here forever. (Think anyone said that to Mr Fawkes?)

Noble Net

Guy Fawkes Rhymes.

Kids Domain

A brief explanation followed by more links to look at.


A nice site with a little more detail and a good safety page too.

The Gunpowder Plot

A little more detail here and a link to more November traditions, which i haven't looked at yet!

The House of Commons Info and FAQ

Sort of sweet of them to take an interest really!

Blue Mountain

Send a Guy Fawkes Card!

Guy Fawkes - the Simplified Story

Simple but with slightly different information (a good time to discuss bias?). Done by an American university with a UK campus that is very pretty and near where I live!

York and Guy Fawkes

York gets in on the act. A nice clear site with good facts.


This Learning Curve site discusses whether Guy Fawkes was tortured and uses photos of two signatures as talking points.

Victorian Scraps

Very little information but some lovely graphics.

Cast of Characters

Similar info - a couple of links - a few new bits and bobs.

The Trial

Much more complex info - a transcript of the trial of the Gunpowder plotters.


Very detailed info and lots of links and references.

Noble Net

more links and some recipes!