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Desperate Plea - i haven't really found what I wanted at all for this page - i wanted outlines of UK trees in different seasons with pictures of their leaves, flowers and fruit, all in fairly simple line drawings. If you know of some, please let me know! I have only used these pages fairly briefly so please let me know which ones deserve a golden egg!

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Also Autumn Tree and Leaf Craft


UK Nature Sites and the Best I found on Trees

Much of the below is very similar and all good quality so I haven't done individual descriptions. Wander at your leisure and enjoy.

UK Safari - good info on selected species in UK

British Trees Links

BBC Nature - loads of information on allsorts!

Phenology Network

GetNature - a fabulous load of links.

Leaf Shapes

A selection of sites showing and explaining leaf shapes in a variety of ways.

Leaf Shapes good leaf outlines Mixture of drawings and photos of leaf shapes and parts.

Botany Online photos of leaf shapes

Leaf Shapes and Strategies info for mummies etc

Horticopia very detailed

All Sorts of Stuff!

FallColour - Links to Activities

Naturegrid very good - woodland explorer is the one to look for.

The Shapes of Trees - info and a "design a tree" game.

The Chemistry of Autumn Colours serious science stuff for that "Why......?" moment!

Science Made Simple - Why leaves change colour Similar to above.

Autumn Haiku A very specific form of poetry themed on Autumn.

Learn - Eden project article


Art by Cheryl excellent free stuff.


Bird Art