Welcome to MuddlePuddle 2015

Thank you for stopping by. MuddlePuddle is having a long overdue revamp and being made ready for the next part of our home ed journey with our youngest girl and our youngest boy. I'm busy moving content on to the new platform but am very aware lots needs updating and improving. Please bear with me while I sort out the rubble!

While I am rejuvenating the site, you can find the majority of the old content under the archive list on the right hand side. Much of it needs pruning, replacing and updating and I know there are images missing, but there is still useful stuff tucked away.



6 Educational Websites You Need to Know.

My home education resource knowlege was once pretty much second to none. For lots of reasons, most of which you could read about extensively on my blog if you so wished, I’ve not been up to date for the last few years. With home ed once again on my horizon and a desire to make […]


Butterfly Activities

Butterfly Crafts

Learning about butterflies and caterpillars is a great way to explore the circle of life and how animals and insects arrive on earth. A combination of learning activities and crafts makes it a fun and colourful Spring topic, perfect for young children and arty afternoons.   Crafts Craft ideas for making butterfly themed pictures, patterns […]


Egg box craft 004

Spring Crafting with Children

If ever there was a good time to try and breathe life back into MuddlePuddle again, it’s the birth of a new baby, something which means we have (we hope) 8 more years of early years crafty, home educating fun to enjoy. If you’ve been a long time user of the sadly neglected MuddlePuddle, you […]