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Thank you for stopping by. MuddlePuddle is having a long overdue revamp and being made ready for the next part of our home ed journey with our youngest girl and our youngest boy. I'm busy moving content on to the new platform but am very aware lots needs updating and improving. Please bear with me while I sort out the rubble!

While I am rejuvenating the site, you can find the majority of the old content under the archive list on the right hand side. Much of it needs pruning, replacing and updating and I know there are images missing, but there is still useful stuff tucked away.



The Best Play Dough Recipes on the Internet.

Homemade play was a staple of our early home educating life and the recipe (which in the days before Pinterest or even Google) I learned from playgroup teachers and has remained my go to one ever since. Playdough Recipe 2 cups of plain flour 1 cup of salt 2 cups of water 2 tablespoons of […]



Great Tudor Project Days Out

There are so many great places to visit that have Tudor links, even before you start on all the demolished abbeys, monasteries and so on. Kentwell Hall – period events in costume and kept ‘exactly as was’ at a beautiful venue. Well worth a visit to see the care the re-enactors take in costume making […]

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Book Reviews

growl animals book

Books for Learning about Wild Animals.

Each month we receive a book through the post from Parragon publishers, who send us releases they would like us to review. This month was particularly exciting for the boy as the book in question has buttons and MAKES NOISES! Now I have a long history with ‘noise button’ books which tended to be of […]

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