Books, Gardens & more on PoP

We’ve had a very interesting couple of weeks on Patch of Puddles with masses of interaction from readers giving us ideas on many topics.

We’ve been discussing Books for Kids with masses of ideas for children aged 9-14 to read. This was a follow up to a post from several years ago on Classic Books for Children to Read and it was great to see how much really great material has been written in the time between the two posts.

We’ve been grateful to our reader for ideas on how to shop locally and more thoughtfully, something which our children have developed quite an enthusiasm for over the last couple of years.

Fran, the Pud of this site originally, is now almost 13; still home educated, she is stretching her wings in a big way. This week we’ve been helping her explore the world of business with a small foray into the world of bracelet making.
Bracelet Mosaic 1

Finally, I’m putting together a round up page on MuddlePuddle of our art days; we’ve been doing a focused approach to art skills and history with another family for around 9 months now and they’ve been fantastically successful. We’ve used very simple ideas, a few books and ideas from the internet and had an absolute ball. You can see our most recent day, on using perspective in drawing, over at our blog.