Olympic Craft Ideas

The girls and I are starting on a month long educational Olympic experience. First up, of course, will be Hama Beads, our default for any crafty extravaganza… but here are some other sites to get you going while we start working on learning and doing and being sporty from the dining table!

There are so many opportunities for crafting and learning; countries, flags, different sports, Ancient Greece, modern world v old world, the rings and what they mean, the history of the olympics, the meaning of the torch and endless ways to explore all of them.

Here are some craft sites:-

Activity Village.

Thinly Spread.

Red Ted Art.

Making Friends.

Information on the Olympics:-

Flags of countries competing.

Sports at the Olympics.

The Ancient Greeks and the Olympics.

The modern Olympics.

About the Olympics.

Project Britain Facts.

Activity Sites:-

Enchanted Learning.