Great Tudor Project Days Out


There are so many great places to visit that have Tudor links, even before you start on all the demolished abbeys, monasteries and so on. Kentwell Hall – period events in costume and kept ‘exactly as was’ at a beautiful venue. Well worth a visit to see the care the re-enactors take in costume making […]

Books for Learning about Wild Animals.

growl animals book

Each month we receive a book through the post from Parragon publishers, who send us releases they would like us to review. This month was particularly exciting for the boy as the book in question has buttons and MAKES NOISES! Now I have a long history with ‘noise button’ books which tended to be of […]

Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly Activities

Learning about butterflies and caterpillars is a great way to explore the circle of life and how animals and insects arrive on earth. A combination of learning activities and crafts makes it a fun and colourful Spring topic, perfect for young children and arty afternoons.   Crafts Craft ideas for making butterfly themed pictures, patterns […]

Mother’s Day – why we do it and how to do it!

paper flowers

I was wondering about the origins of Mother’s Day, so I did a bit of digging on the internet. I discovered that it was first founded in the United States by Anna Jarvis as a celebration of motherhood and as a way for her to honor her recently deceased mother. The first Mothers day that […]

Craft Editorial: Christmas decorations, adding the personal touch

It may seem as though summer has only just finished, but the festive season already looms large on the horizon and if you want to make the most of the celebrations, it’s helpful to start your preparations sooner rather than later. For example, why not use some of the spare time you have with your […]

Tudor Medicine

Tudor Medicines

This introduction to folk medicine was provided by my friend Dawn and was great fun during our Tudor project. However, I take no responsibility for anything you do based on this info!!!!! It is an archive post from 2003. People over the centuries have used everyday plants for curing illnesses. Below are some of the […]

Tudor Project

Tudor Rose in Hama

Henry VIII and the Tudors was a project undertaken at home by Frances, Age 5 2003-2004. We sent this to our LA as an example of work. The “Bad” King – according to Frances…. “Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived…” A while back Fran heard an ice-cream van playing Greensleeves… it prompted a conversation about […]

Tudor Resources


Our Henry VIII project gave us lots of opportunity to explore the family tree of the Tudors, visit places they lived, worked and were held captive and find out more about life and health during the Tudor times. We’ve amassed plenty of Tudor resources during that time and made some of our own too. Tudor […]

Tudor Links

tudor featured image

Updated 2015: This page has been refreshed in 2015 and new links added. I am happy to receive suggestions of Tudor resources, activities, projects and links that are appropriate to the page. General Info on Henry and the Tudors for background Tudor Britain – an interactive site full of information from the V&A. Tudor History […]