Great Tudor Project Days Out

There are so many great places to visit that have Tudor links, even before you start on all the demolished abbeys, monasteries and so on.


Kentwell Hall – period events in costume and kept ‘exactly as was’ at a beautiful venue. Well worth a visit to see the care the re-enactors take in costume making and being in character.


Hampton Court – once the home of Wolsey and taken from him by Henry VIII, it’s a beautiful place with many original features and lots of themed events.


The Golden Hinde – a replica of Sir Francis Drake’s galleon (later Tudor period) in Brixham – ideally placed to couple it with a trip to his beautiful home Buckland Abbey, on the edge of Dartmoor.


Bramall Hall is a fascinating Tudor home; it reopens in refurbished state in April 2016. There is a short mention of our day there in this blog post.

Mary Rose – see Henry VIII’s warship, risen from the depths in the 1980’s.

The Tower of London – the scene of many a crime and beheadings and plenty of history to discover.

Ludlow Castle – home of Arthur and Catherine during his childhood and their short marriage/betrothal.

Hever Castle – the childhood home of Anne Boleyn.


Hatfield House – two homes in one; the older building that housed Elizabeth during her childhood and the later Jacobean one, home to the Cecil family. The extensive gardens were established by the Tradescant’s, collectors of many items that became the start of the Ashmolean Museum. You can read about our day there on our blog.


Burghley House – Home of Lord Burghley, (Mr Attenbrough in the film ‘Elizabeth’) and father to the Cecil who founded the new Hatfield House. The house is a fabulous trip but the grounds are also wonderful.

Peterborough Cathedral – burial place fo Catherine of Aragon, so if you have a soft spot for her, you can pay homage.

If you have suggestions for more, please do let me know.