Home Education Philosophies

An educational philosophy is one way of expressing to an LEA (Local Education Authority) the feelings you have about your childs home education experience. It can be quite specific (although bear in mind a specific plan may encourage a sticky LEA inspector to ask you to show “progress”) or it can be a more general or autonomous description of how education”works” in your family. While an LEA cannot become specifically involved in your child until they are 5, or more normally until the term after they are 5, some people find it is helpful to have one from very early on, to formulate their thoughts about Home Ed.

For example, the one below, brief as it is, was written for a 2 year old.

“Our aim is to help and guide R to develop her emotional, physical and educational abilities to their fullest capacity in her own time” K.

I very much hope that other people with 0-8 aged children will send me their Ed. Phils to add to this – here are two to get started – I’ll hopefully have my own done soon!

L – a 5 Year Old Boy who’s parents believe in child led learning.

M – a 7 Year Old Girl who’s parents believe in child led learning and have an adult home educated child as well.

Education Otherwise – Ed Phils for children of all ages.

Fred – Ed Phils for Children of all ages.