Home Education Websites

If you have already started your research on Home Education, you will probably have found these sites. But in case this is the first time you have heard of it or this is the first site you find, I have found help and inspiration on all these sites and I hope you do too, whether you want to home educate, want to take a greater part in the education of your child or are desperately searching for some better way of making it all work for you.

Free Range Education

This is my favourite Home Education Site -absolutely stunning for anyone with an interest in home-educating their children. The topics range from the legal aspects of such an arrangement with an online specialist lawyer only an email away, to the practicalities of meeting other home-educators and the alternative methods of home schooling. Perhaps the most impressive part of this site is the huge array of links to educational sites, suppliers of chemicals, art materials and correspondence courses, popular children’s character sites and health and welfare resources. Free Range Education has a superb mix of political fact, individual life stories and personal interest sites. Regularly updated and maintained, this is somewhere to get inspiration and support for any parent.

Home Ed Info

The extraordinary “Sue in Cyprus” and her amazing home edcuation knowledge. This newly rebuilt and updated site has all of Sue’s experience and expertise in a fantastically organised, impartial and helpful structure. You can hardly do better.

Education Otherwise

One of the fundamental home educator sites, Education Otherwise provides a major support service to home-educators with local groups and postal newsletters. Iit has an excellent mailing list that can be accessed, providing an online community for anyone interested in finding the answers to their questions about home education and there is an online registration form to join Education Otherwise. This site has been hugely updated recently and contains LOTS of information.

Home Education UK

This site is a real grown-up treasure trove, guaranteed to make you feel empowered and enriched. It is home to the Uk Home Ed list, somewhere to get everyday home ed and unschooling advice and express concerns. There are educational quotes, articles, book reviews, places to visit and endless more help and encouragement. Spend some time here and join the lists!


Very unusual in many ways – lots to help you buy into a different way of life.

HE Special UK

For the parents of so many Special Needs kids (and i have 2) HE is the only bearable way to see that their children get a safe and successful education but it certainly brings its own challenges. This site aims to give support and confidence to anyone who needs it.


The biggest Home Educators camp in the UK

Freedom in Education

This is a privately run, independent website which campaigns for freedom in education for all children, whoever and wherever they might be.


This organisation provides support for home educators in Scotland, catering for the different legal aspects that are relevant and helping to create an HE community ‘north of the border.’

Home Education Magazine

This is an American HomeSchooling site but it has lots to recommend it to any parents in other countries. There are links to resources, articles on homeschooling young and older children and pamphlets that can be downloaded in pdf format. An online magazine.

Home Education Advisory Service (HEAS)

A UK based home education charity, decicated to providing practical advice and information to families. Lots to look at here including links for exams for older children and sites for children with special or unusual educational needs.