Learning Styles

This is a complete list of pages on MuddlePuddle covering specific learning styles; they’ve been updated and edited from the original 2002 editions. It is far from a complete list of all the learning philosophies there are though and some additional information is available on the Home Education Styles and Voices page, which I would be happy to receive suggestions for.

Charlotte Mason Education (Updated 2015)

Resources links and descriptions of our style of CM education and the PNEU experience I had as a child.

Sample CM Reading List for Child Age 6.

Charlotte Mason Resources & Information Links

My Experience of a PNEU school

Structured Home Ed

An article on our experience of partial structure in home education

Autonomous Home Ed

Learning v Teaching – an article by a family who moved to unstructured education.

Montessori Education

Some Montessori resources plus a collection of lessons and ideas packs that were created specially for MuddlePuddle.

Montessori Resources Online – find out more about Montessori methods.

Commercial Montessori Links – where to buy materials in the UK & US.

Maria Montessori Quotes

Montessori Maths Materials – using the early materials to teach number lessons.

Montessori Zero Lesson

Montessori Art Lessons

Montessori Solar System Lesson