Learning Styles

I’m currently in the process of moving and then updating all the info from the old MuddlePuddle site to the new one.

You can view all the current posts in ‘Learning Styles‘ by following this link but as an archive it is a little jumbled. I have sorted the links into better groupings below and am gradually updating them.

Charlotte Mason Education (Updated 2015)

Resources links and descriptions of our style of CM education and the PNEU experience I had as a child.

Sample CM Reading List for Child Age 6.

Charlotte Mason Resources & Information Links

My Experience of a PNEU school

Structured Home Ed

An article on our experience of partial structure in home education

Autonomous Home Ed

Learning v Teaching – an article by a family who moved to unstructured education.

Montessori Education

Some Montessori resources plus a collection of lessons and ideas packs that were created specially for MuddlePuddle.

Montessori Resources Online – find out more about Montessori methods.

Commercial Montessori Links – where to buy materials in the UK & US.

Maria Montessori Quotes

Montessori Maths Materials – using the early materials to teach number lessons.

Montessori Zero Lesson

Montessori Art Lessons

Montessori Solar System Lesson