Montessori Shops

I have added these to a separate page as they are essentially commercial rather than for information or support, like the other pages. They are the nicest I’ve seem, and certainly worth a look.


This is fantastic – many of the paper materials all beautifully done – and available to download for anything from 70p to £3.50. They are gorgeous and I think really good value for money, especially if you are home educating and not sure what these materials should look like.


Montessori R&D

Montessori n’ Such

Montessori Services


Most famous for their maths rods, (similar in style to some Montessori products), there is lots to look at and absorb here.


This would be a superb place to get materials if I was in the US – maybe I still could but it is certainly ideal for ogling pictures of materials, so you can make your own!

Montessori Connections

An advert for a phonic reading programme that is useful for the word lists. You could even buy it, I guess!

All included sites are provided for your information. I cannot and do not take responsibility for quality or content on any of them! So no having a go at me!