Montessori Links

Since Montessori is really the main focus of our Home Educating Philosophy, I want to make lots of information available to any one who is looking. I hope to include a diary of how we implement Montessori in our home, book lists, descriptions of materials and how we have made ours. I also plan to include explanations of Montessori Methods along with a history and when I create themes of work we have followed, I will link back to these for anyone interested. So keep checking back here for more!

Commercial Links – places to buy materials

Quotes from Maria Montessori

Montessori Maths

Montessori Education and Materials

A huge amount of information on montessori for 0-12 year olds.

Montessori Centre International

The main UK site that I have found for Montessori. This site includes access to correspondance courses. There is a magazine which can be subscribed to, lots of online articles, history and personal stories and lists of nurseries in the UK, as well as information on montessori jobs and their own charity. Enough to keep you busy for a long time!

Montessori Online

This is American based but has perhaps even more to interest the home educating parent. If you navigate to the Parents Area, you will find lots of parenting articles on bringing Montessori influences into your home. The Practical Life area of Montessori is particularly relevant to the home but I found it hard to take the plunge and get into it. There is a lot of sensible advice here that made it a great deal easier for me to get going.

Shu-Chen Jenny Yen’s Montessori Albums

I use this all the time now that I have grasped the basics of the method and want practical ways to use them. An album is a collection of careful descriptions of each exersize and/or material and exactly how to present them to a child. The Practical Life and small and large muscle pages are superb for squeezing that extra bit of value from an activity which comes naturally to do anyway. For anyone looking for help with planned play, this site would be invaluable, while the literacy and maths areas would help anyone whose child was struggling with a particular problem and needed a new angle on it!

Michael Olaf

Fabulous writing on this page; I read it all in one sitting! Its a really beautiful description of the whole ethos of Montessori and how it works.

Montessori Teachers Collective

There is a list attached to this site which I have recently joined and have found really informative. Although many of the members are director/directresses in Montessori schools, they are very welcoming and helpful to the many parents who participate and the ideas generated in classrooms are fabulous. You have to giggle at Montessori Mouse as well! (With thanks for permission to use the fantastic Montessori graphics on these pages.)

Our Montessori

This page changes quite a lot and usually has some graphical models of material to play with. It struggles for funding an deserves to get some hits. Click on the little icon at the top for more info on the company.

The Mammolina Project

I’ve only just found this site and it is not quite built yet. There is already a good bit to look at and i’ll review it further when I’ve read more.

Montessori and Steiner – an article

A discussion of two distinct but in some ways similar philosophies. Plenty to think about for a home educator.

Association Montessori Internationale

International Montessori Society

American Montessori Consulting

The icons on this page will shortly link to short descriptions of what they are intend for and how we are getting on with them.