Maths Links – Updated 2015


This page was originally inspired by the enthusiasm on the MuddlePuddle Yahoo Group for Miquon and Singapore maths, particularly using Cuisinaire Rods. The first few links will hopefully help you find what we did, in terms of equipment and information. Lower down are new online resources added in the 2015 update. I’m happy to receive suggestions.

Learning Maths Experiences One and Two and Three – archive stories from home educators belonging to the Early Years Yahoo Group in 2002/3

Curricula and Materials.

Galore Park – our preference for maths workbooks. Comprehensive practice in public school format.

CIMT Plymouth – Purchasable and online interactive practice books and pages.

Sonlight – A great site where you can buy Miquon, Singapore and Saxon maths curricula, but it has far more on offer too – apart form other books and teaching methods, it has great descriptions and sample sheets of work books. Also has a message board for getting help from other parents.

SingaporeMath Home of this curriculum.

Cuisenaire– Most famous for their maths rods, (similar in style to some Montessori products), there is lots to look at and absorb here.

Online Interactive Maths Websites (UK)

The following sites are live and available in 2015. The are a mixture of resource, free and paid tutoring sites. Descriptions and information as and when I have time!


Math Playground



Woodlands Resources

Maths is Fun

Manga High

Maths Zone

Games 4 Education

Maths Whizz

My Maths

Free Conquer Maths

Tops Marks


US Sites



Online Math Learning