Online Games

Severely in need of an update – bear with me!

Six of the Best
UK Barbie – i give up; i can’t fight it!


Lots to enjoy on this excellent site.

Bob The Builder

The man himself….. and Bob, we all know you love Wendy!!!!


A colourful site with lots to look at and do plus so sensible easy to understand internet safety advice.

Rainbow Magic

Loads of games and stuff to do.

Mr Men

Invent a Mr Man or little Miss of your own – easy for little ones who can click a mouse.

Chateau Meddybumps

There is absolutely loads on this site – a real treasure trove.

Thomas the Tank Engine

A favourite character of most small peoples.

Toddler Town

Lots of simple games to play with.

Play Kids Games

Educational games covering broad subject headings.

Sand Art Therapy

A simple but very absorbing bit of computer trickery.

CBBC for 5-7 Years

Educational games with lots of fun as well.


Games that follow the characters on the BBC young childrens channel.


All sorts of games that are banded in age ranges so you can pick on to suit your small person.