Printable Activities

I have spent ages looking for decent activity sites for children of pre-school age and these are the best of the ones I have found so far. Most of them have newsletters that will give you regular updates on what is new and there is enough on all of them to keep little fingers busy. So long as you have paper, glue, scissors and pens, you won’t need to buy much else!

Six of the Best!

Welcome to Bry-Back Manor

This site is wonderful. I particularly like the picture recipes, which would be wonderful montessori tools, the gardening is lovely and the colouring and activities are just something else! 10/10!

Activity Village

I can’t believe how much there is on this site. There are colouring pages on all sorts of topics from summer to animals to special events, there is a regularly updated discoveries page, a place to download a free fun font each month and print out activities like the printable dolls and the patterned paper that you can use to make dresses for them.


Lots to do here – a really good place to get colouring sheets and craft ideas, in the form of print them out and cut them out sheets. The Activity Book is a good place to start for sheets as wide ranging as animals, famous people and landmarks and there are some good matching games too. Look under Inspiring Ideas for even more.


The best things on this site are the colouring pages of which there are three grades (not that I could tell the difference) so have a look at them all. There are also some fun online games to do with a toddler.

Enchanted Learning

Enchanted Learning has enough to keep you going on projects for years and it is constantly updated too. Covering everything from dinosaurs and butterflies to cultures and countries, there are crafts, colouring books, information areas and excellent links to other related sites. Don’t miss this one!

Kids Domain

Plenty for everyone here. Brilliant links, downloads, brain builders (smart facts) and parent and teacher areas. A major source of ideas and activities.

Preschool PaperCrafts

The paper crafts, collages and other ideas on here are gorgeous. I can’t wait to try them.

Learning Treasures

Lots to look at from another prolific list friend of mine!

The IdeaBox

Kind of parents-with -children-at-school-who-need-entertaining-ish but the ideas under each heading are prolific and imaginative.


Although quite back-to-school orientated at the moment, there is plenty to do here.

Pre-school Education

A teacher site, but with themes and activities bursting out all over!

Activity Idea Index

A very thorough list leading to very thorough ideas pages.


Good themed units on snails, frogs, farm animals and more. Some free clipart and lots of rated links to other places of interest. Check out the Kids and Teachers Corners for the best resources.

Preschool Rainbow

A preschool site with themes ranging from dinosaurs, to the alphabet to learning about your senses.


Lots of areas from ABC’s to Bible studies. Part of the excellent site which none the less has an irritating pop up problem!


A huge art ideas site for all ages and easy to find your way to what you want.