Home Ed Art Days

This is a list of links to our blog, where we have spent a year enjoying art workshops with another family. I’ll preface this by saying that along with our art, we were grieving for our son and some of the posts are about that as well as drawing and painting. During the early sessions we were learning how to work and winging it; later on, they become more structured.

Drawing Trees & Copying Van Gogh.

This was the day which inspired the sessions.

Using Gel Pens/ Gel Pastels to Draw Trees.

Our first go; encouraging the kids t explore the medium and get used to some directed art work.

Field trip with Chalk Pastels to Draw Trees & Water.

Getting the kids outside and out of their comfort zone to try art outside.

Exploring Pastels, Replicating Pictures, Squiggle Mosaics.

Using different media to copy book art and creating ‘modern art’ mosaics.

Artist Day: Kandinsky in Oil Pastels, Poster Paint & Watercolour.

Our first ‘structured day’ and a huge success.

Van Gogh in Oil Pastel, developing styles of drawing.

Exploring shading, colour, paper types and texture using “Starry Night”.

Picasso Day in Collage

Paper Picasso Portraits for kids.

Trees in Pattern, Lines & Polymer Clay.

A very successful set of projects looking at shape, colour and pattern.

Klee and Abstract Art.

Tissue art, polymer clay abstract shapes and colour.

Remembrance Day Projects for Kids

Three projects, in tissue, card and polymer clay, to remember the fallen.

Architecture & Cityscapes

Moving on to a new slant, we looked a cityscapes and skylines in card collage, wax resist and pencil drawing.

More Architecture & Colour Mixing n Valentines

Two sessions; wax rubbing texture pictures and tissue cut out skylines and mixing and blending colours on Valentines Day.

Using Perspective in Drawing.

Learning to draw in 3D in preparation for more detailed building drawings, plus drawing 3D shapes and houses.