Roman Resources

One of the topics we did briefly but with pleasure this year was The Romans; as we have “Pompeii: Buried Alive” as a sofa book for the winter, i suspect that we might well be revisiting it at some point. So here are some of the links and books we used and you can use the link above to view the project bits and bobs that we tried out.

BBC – Romans – best site for children that i found. Lots to try, a good map and plenty of simple to digest information too.

Brims – like its other site for the Tudors, this site is perfect for engaging children in the Roman experience.

Ket – I’ve not used it a great deal yet but there is plenty here for parents to look at and feed to interested children, probably most useful for the child who has treally gone to town on the period.

The Romans in Britain – like the above, a good site for further information.

Nova, Lost Empires – take a virtual tour of a Roman Bath, build an aqueduct, recipes and other resources.

Roman Recipes – during a winter camp in Scotland we tried out Chicken and Beetroot, it was surprisingly good, so take the plunge and cook as the Romans did.

How to dress like a Roman – online instructions for draping your toga!

Nettlesworth School and the Romans – a nice mixture of info and things to try.

Dead Romans – one persons passion, with some great photos.

Roman Mythology – much to read, especially if you are after a particular story. Exhaustive.

Its also worth looking at Balwins online version of Our Island Story, which documents the early history of Britain in myth/story form and Baldwins 50 Famous Tales which has several Roman stories in it too.

Books we used.

Usborne Time Traveller

Who were the Romans?.