Tudor Links

General Info on Henry and the Tudors for background

Tudor History – beautiful site with fabulous information and gorgeous artwork and photos.

English History – another site by someone passionate about their history. Quite beautiful.

Henry and the Tudors– this has lots of facts (toilet ones especially) to appeal to kids – and a particularly spectacular (!) beheading sequence!

Crispen’s Tudor Site – i particulalry like the tower section but there is much good stuff here. It merits its egg!

Tower of London Resources – a good mummy guide with great pictures.

Channel 4’s The Six Wives of Henry – based on a C4 programme this provoked really interesting conversation on different types of resources and pictures and about time before the camera. It also has LOTs of links i haven’t yet looked at.

Unit Studies – Why did Henry marry six times? The NC lesson plan – but there are good ideas for extending projects no matter what you opinion of the NC is!!!

History on the Net – great info and if you are anxious about the NC it does have link ups to what is studied within that.

Royal Govt Site – family trees, individual stories… all you need from them who know!

Britannica – timelines, biographies and more. They also have links with Pitkin Guides, which i can really recommend as simple handbooks.

Learning Curve – extensive information about Tudor nobility and important issues of the time. Those “muuuuuuum…….” questions can be answered from here!

Online Activities

BBC Costume Game – really good game where you fit the clothing item to the period mannequin!!!!

Become a Prince – use your knowledge to fight your way to the top of the great chain

Also useful and recommended to me are

Horrible Histories Issue 2


Tony Robinsons Kings and Queens

Tudor Life and wider interests of the Tudor Period

Heraldry and Castles at OwlMouse

The Mary Rose – oh dear – i remember this being raised when i was about 9 – i can still remember Mrs McCain Whitney (i kid you not! Guess the nickname anyone?) gasping with horror as it slipped in its cradle. Anyway… time flies and now you can do it virtually – this site has a fab 3D model viewer – but you need to be using IE for it to work.

Armouries Info Pack – would need representing for the under 8s as its wordy – info for mummies and daddies though!

Learning Connections – some good ideas, althoguh the stuff actually on the site is a bit “fill in the boxes-ish”, there are good ideas to expand upon. I fear we are in danger of creating a nation of clerks and civil servants with all these worksheets sometimes….

Burbage Junior School – a good site with good stuff on it – a success story i would say!

Tudor Crafts

Pomanders at Make Stuff – keep out the smells of those unwashed bodies with an orange and cloves pomander.

Find ideas and buy ingredients at ComfyCraftCreations. Keeping good smells near you was supposed to protect you from disease.

Blackwork Butterflies – following on from the idea of Tudor black beamed buildings, try adapting a craft in a similar colour scheme!

Places to Visit

Virtual Tour of the Tower of London – for kids

Tudor Clipart