Puddle Maths 1

Below is a resume of 2002

Maths has been my greatest fear for HE because it was such a terror to me as a child. I still panic now if faced with maths to be done at speed and i find it hard to cope with “3D” maths – ie maths in the wild where i need to apply intelligent logical thought to a practical problem! I supoose i have been slightly bolstered by the fact that my husband is incredibly mathematically able and i felt initially that he would be able to help if i got stuck.

In reality, so far at least, maths has been a relearning journey for me and good fun to do with Fran. of course so far she is very young but i think its what we do now that will make the biggest difference, i am keen to make sure she enjoys maths so i carefully watch her mood and how we go about things. i think it was my anxieties about maths which made me investigate Montessori so thoroughly and i am incredibly glad i did… we use Montessori materials or methods a good bit but it has also given me the courage to make my own materials as i feel they will be useful. So far i have got it right!

Last year…

Before we had the bubba it was easier to do floor work – since she got mobile we have to pick our times. But we spent lots of time using manipulatives, both sensorial and mathematical. A big success, and one we still use were the counters and numerals. Excuse the blackout – my children always seem to do maths half clad!

Wooden Numerals and Counters bought from Opitec

Completed, it looked like this

We also spent lots of time using the Montessori(bought) knobless cylinders which my then two year old loved. There is so much to do with these – i really must do it!

In addition we have made Red Rods – although they tend (ahem!) to get used a bit violently so are under lock and key! Fran learned her number predominantly from an ELC number jigsaw of the peg board type (also learnt her letters this way).