Owl and Mouse

Downloadable software for learning letters and sounds. If you follow the links into the rest of the site, there is some really good stuff there too!

Preschool Learning

Games, animated Flash letters and colouring pages.


A whole load of scripts to choose, printables, colourables and some good further links too. One of my favourite current sites. I like the DeskTop Strips – what an image!

The Virtual Alphabet

Now this is nice – songs for every letter and various other things too – each page attractively presented.

KiddyHouse – Teachers Page

Some good looking phonics stuff here.


Colouring pages, tracer pages, sentence work and more.

Preschool Education

This sites alphabet page.

Mrs Alphabet

I haven’t really been through this yet but it looks quite cool!

Childfun – alphabets

Again, a huge site. The alphabet section has a list of links and ideas for every letter.

Online Activities

Yellowstone Alphabet

A really brilliant site with animals from the Yellowstone National Park for every letter. What a lot of learning opportunities.

A is for Angelfish

A pretty online gallery of things beginning with different letters.

Learning Planet

A simple online game for letters and picture recognition – not phonic pronunciation though…

About – fridgedoor game

Quite fun – choose a letter and get a series of fridge doors where yuo find something that corresponds to the letter you chose.

Learning Planet

An online alphabet order game.

Colouring Pages

Learning Planet

Colouring pages that go with the above game

Hedgies – Alphabet

These are beautiful colouring pages with script practise built into them. There are various styles of writing built into the pages as choices.

Alphabet Colouring Book

From the site above, a really attractive DIY colouring book.

Link Pages


A big list of games and links related to the alphabet.

ABC Books

An online list of alphabet books.

Other Stuff

Moving Alphabet

Now this is funny – moving gifs of every letter to download. I shall try to add some to the page when I get a chance.

Teach a Child To Read

An informative site suggesting ways to go about teaching your child to read.

Rhyming and Word play

This is a simple but clever little page that intoduces some of the oddities of the English Language into games. If your child is interested in endings that rhyme and why dear and deer sound the same, visit and enjoy!