Saturday Science

This is a rough plan (to be filled in in more detail over the coming weeks) of a quick Science Overview i am planning for my children who are 4 and 6. Its designed to roughly cover the Key Stage 1 Science topics in single day segments so that we can revisit or extend anything that sparkes a greater interest, but mostly the idea is to have something enjoyable for Daddy to do with them at the weekend while i am busy with the new baby we expect soon.

This Overview is based on having the following resources. Each is £5 and the first two are combined volumes of several small topics while the 3rd is an excellent Encyclopedia suitable to read with children of 5+ (in my opinion!) They are great value.

Pocket Scientist (Usborne Pocket Science Red Book) (Please note, this currently has the wrong photo on Amazon but is the right book!)

The Pocket Scientist (Usborne Pocket Science Blue Book)

Mini Children’s Encyclopedia (Mini Edition)

Week 1 How Babies are Made

Look at photos of them as babies and how they changed.

See what Fran and Maddy can remember about new babies coming home.

Talk about how things will change around here soon.

Fiction Story – What shall we do with the Boo Hoo Baby?


Red Book Pt 3

How Babies are Made Lift the Flap Book


More about Cells

Baby Emma is Born

BrainBop – Babies

Week 2 My Body

Body Jigsaw?

Full size body drawings with organs

Make a skeleton

Measuring our body

CD ROM – DK Human Body Explorer


Red Book Pt 1

Encyclopedia P56

How Your Body Works

I Wonder Why My Tummy Rumbles



BBC – Put Annie back together

Enchanted Learning

A Look inside the Human Body

Kids Health

Yucky Bodies!

Week 3 Our Senses

Blindmans buff

Blindfold tasting.

Lip reading

Montessori Touch Boards

Messy Touch and Feel

Montessori Smell Boxes


Red Book Pt 1 (selectively)


Kids health – Senses

Week 4 Healthy Eating and Teeth

Healthy Foods Lap Book, divided into food types with examples of less healthy options. (Prepare clipart)

Think up some new meals and make a healthy dinner together

Talk about Fran’s gap, losing teeth, healthy teeth.

Do teeth casts.


Red Book Pt 2


Kids World Nutrition

Colgate Kids World

Week 5 Recycling

Sort recycling bin (make sure its full!) and look at what is reused and how.

Find new recycling to do at home.

Take glass to bottle bank and some clothes to clothes bank. Talk about how that is useful.

Make some paper. Maybe arrange trip to local Plant?


Red Book Pt 12

Encyclopedia P60


Week 6 Natural V Manmade

Fabrics – sorting, talking about how made, where from, why invented, what works for what.

Building materials – what works best for different things?

Foods (processed/fresh)



Week 7 Experiments with Water

Floating/sinking/plimsoll line

Paper boats/ other “boats”

Volume with jars and cups

Dissolving etc also plaster of paris

Changing state of water


Blue Book Pt 11

Encyclopedia P104


Week 8 Experiments with Light and Mirrors

Opitec torch thingy?



Blue Pt 10

Encyclopedia P106


Week 9 Experiments with Air and Sound


Paper planes

Wind power

Cooling and heating air

Lung power

Musical instruments


Blue Pt 12

Encyclopedia p110


Week 10 Electricity

Have a look about for a simple kit maybe?


Red Pt 11

Encyclopedia P108


Week 11 Magnets

Have a look about for a simple kit maybe?


Blue Pt 9


Week 12 Movement Books

Blue Pt 8

Red Pt 7

Encyclopedia P120


Week 13 Animal Kingdom Books

Red Pt 8

Encyclopedia P46-54


Week 14 Plant Kingdom Books

Red Pt 9

Encyclopedia P42-44