Science Links

Krampf If the site is as good as the newsletter, its brilliant. I need to check it out properly first. You can receive a free newsletter a week by sending a blank email to Its well worth it. The emails are available for re-publishing, so i will make up a page of the ones i have stored when i can.

Reeko’s Mad Scientist Lab – Free Fun Educational Science Experiments a range of experiements, all graded for easy use.

BrighterKids has a series of experiments available for children of variuos ages. probably suitable for scaling down to MuddlePuddle age groups.

Brainbop Science 70+ catagories to get your teeth into – and thats just the science section!

How Stuff Works is all about… erm… how stuff works!

HomeSchool Resources Science Links a massive list to all sorts of science related stuff!

Preschool Hands On Science lots of links to easy experiments.

LessonPlanz Preschool Activities

Science Ideas submitted ideas to Perpetual PreSchool

OMSI Activities activities to entertain you, including home made flubber!

Science Made Simple Only had a brief look but it seems good.

Beakman experiemnts to try.

Activities for the Home Cloud in a bottle, a nature file and camoflage experiments.

PBS Kids Science even more to try.

This section will include more science areas, including environment and health studies at a later date. Any links can be sent to the webmaster via the top, left link on the page. None of the above sites have been fully surfed or checked by me so I cannot be held responsible in anyway for the nature or safety of the experiments.