Butterfly Links

Crafts and Activities

Bugs, Bees and Butterflies

Lots of nice early years activity ideas.

Activity Village – Butterflies

An excellent set of templates for mobiles, colouring or matching activvities. We coloured ours, stuck them to lollipops and flew them round the garden!

Bee Happy

A really nice colouring page of a cartoon bee!

Enchanted Learning – All About Butterflies

They do it again! A 300+entry dictionary of different butterflies, printables, life cycles, colouring, books to download – you name it – its here!

Caterpillars to Butterflies

A very basic-looking but thorough page of activities related to butterflies and co. Gve it a read, you are bound to find something!

Colouring Life Cycle

This is my favourite page from the A Childrens Butterfly Site. Really nice, clear, bold colouring and with a purpose!

Beal’s Early Childhood Centre

This is fantastic – very clear and easy to use and the information, diagrams and ideas are extremely appealing. I’m going to be spending time here!

Where do butterflies come from?

This is a simple, but really effective, craft idea to help with the idea of the Butterfly Life Cycle.

Information Sites

The Bug Club

Online articles, a club to join if you wish (at a price), and an absolutely fabulous BUG ID for identifying the thing you found in the garden!

United Kingdom Butterflies

Yet again an excellent information site with great pictures. Avert your eyes on the lifecycle page; there is a pair of butterflies up to no good!


This seems to be a massive site of information, more suited to an older child or a frazzled parent who keeps getting asked “why?”

Gardening etc with Butterflies in Mind!

Butterfly Plants

More ways to encourage butterflies into your garden. And it is so worth doing!

The Butterfly Website

This is kind of a commercial website and I admit I am not sure about buying butterflies to release at functions, but I liked the gardening pointers and the links at the bottom, which I have only briefly checked out so far.

The Butterfly Site

A different site to the above but also very similar!

Places to Visit

The London Butterfly House

Not just a place to visit (and its on our list!) but also a really excellent website, well thought out and easy to use and attractive too!