Butterfly Project Outline

Project Outlines–age 3

Project Heading Butterflies Date

Aim: A concept of life cycles and different types of creature within a similar set. Intro to the seasons, life, birth, death

Colouring–lots of printouts of butterflies and flowers

Model making–

Classified cards–named varieties

Matching cards–match the butterfly, match the shapes.

A visit–find a butterfly house. (melton?)

TV programme–can we find a video?

Songs–look on the web

Cooking–mash potato and veg/ discuss symetry

Dressing up–make a head-dress and wings

Story/reading–the butterfly that stamped?

Jigsaw–look for one or make one.

Spelling Bee, moth, butterfly, caterpillar, dragonfly, mayfly, egg, chrysalis, pupa.

Counting–do some simple worksheets

Sorting–make some mini butterflies or buy some Galt insects

Colours–talk about symetry of colours and do some squidging for symetry and colour mixing.

Facts–life cycle, names, plants

Art/collage–one massive butterfly!


Geography–plan of garden and where we see different butterflies