Dinosaur Activities

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Dinosaur Dominos

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Print out these dinosaur dominos for some good old fashioned fun. My just 3 year old has no problem matching the pictures of these bright colourful cartoons. I printed them on fairly stiff card and laminated them, which is fine for carpet play – stick them to thicker card and cover with sticky back plastic to use on a table top.

I have clipart of a realistic nature too – if anyone would like dominos made of these, let me know.

Dinosaur Flashcards – Names

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These are the set I am currently using with Fran as we are concentrating on letter recognition. I can recommend

Grouping dinosaurs that start with the same letter
Putting them in order of the alphabet
Picking out “saurus”
Finding a corresponding sandpaper letter or movable alphabet letter (Montessori)
Sounding out two letter sounds and whole words
Grouping green dinosaurs etc.
Grouping two leg/four leg/flying dinosaurs
Grouping dinosaurs with spikes, horns and crests

I will add food groups, periods lived in and size comparisons to another set shortly.