Christmas Links

Its not long now…. so here are some links to whet your whistle – from traditions, to games to poetry and songs – there is sure to be something to make you feel good and Christmassy! More links available at Winter but these need checking from last year as yet.

Traditions and Information

Christmas Traditions around the World

12 Days of Christmas Village

Aristotles Christmas on the Web

World View – Chrsitmas round the World

Santa Claus Village

The Green Man and Father Christmas – an article on links with a pagan predecessor.

How “Christmas” Works – From How Stuff Works comes a seasonal page to answer all those questions.

History of the Christmas Tree

Christmas Food – what gets eaten around Europe in the festive season.

A Mexican Christmas

Fun and Craft

Soon – Christmas – Why do we send cards, celebrate boxing day, beleive in a man with a sack. Plus some good links.

Christmas Jokes – funny – but you may want to check them – i didn’t see anything rude/myth breaking but you ought to look to make sure you approve. – online games

EasyFunSchool Christmas – lots to do and learn and make.

ABC Christmas Crafts

Songs, Poems and Stories

Christmas Songs – music and lyrics.

Christmas Hymns and Songs – words to popular songs you’ll remember!

Carol Lyrics

Christmas Poetry Past and Present

Traditional Stories and Poems for Christmas

Christmas Stories and Legends