Halloween Crafts

Halloween Arts and Crafts

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Crayola - Lots and lots and lots of Halloween stuff to do and make, plus some educational-type worksheets etc in there too. (If thats your paper bag!)

Kids Domain – Window hangers, spiders, table decorations and much, much more!

About – Halloween Recipes – aimed at older children but possible for youngers with adults i expect!

Preschool Colouring Book – just that!

The Idea Box – all the buttons on the left margin lead to seasonal ideas.

Childfun – millions and billions of ideas!

Bry-Back Manor – haunted house, poems, history, crafts and icons! Il ove this site!

Activity Village - jokes, puzzles, colouring, jigsaws, printables – oh loads to do all day! One of the best on the web!

123Child – pipe cleaner spiders and pumpkin seed art, to name but two of the things to try!

Primarygames – colouring, games, stationary and postcards, all with a spooky theme.

Preschool Rainbow – spooky hands, cooking and autumn linked ideas.