Halloween Links

Learning/Classroom Orientated Sites

This is the best of the sites I found that were lists of learning activites, such as maths, history or worksheets of various sorts. Have not checked out that many links on each site, but the quality seems good.

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PumpkinNook – Halloween Central

Ooooo–oooohhhhhh! Spooky sounds – lots to look at too!

About – Halloween Activities

- some games to try.

Halloween Teaching Theme

Absolutely loads to download and try, games, puzzles, colouring – loads and loads and loads!


– giggle! Loads of fun ideas, games, links, e-cards – everything you could need really.

Halloween Quiz

About – Halloween for Daycare

a list of links.


Everything from maths to music to health. A good long list of ideas and links.

Education Planet

Another list of links and ideas, but nicley graded with stars and good reviews to help you along! (Could have written it myself!)

Family Corner

Crafts, colouring pages, costumes, party ideas and foods! Looks like good fun!

Education World – Halloween

Some really great looking learning activites here, nicely sorted into categories.