Winter Links

Also Christmas

Here are some links I have collected from various lists and friends to get you started! Thanks mainly to Jacqui H and Tula for these, though there are others who inadverently contributed too. These are up in this format while i vet and review them so if anything doesn’t work or is unsuitable, let me know. Equally, if you have a link for anything winter related, tell me, whether it is craft, information or whatever. I would love to know!!!! (Email link to Webmaster at top left of page!)

I would recommend checking through the Activity Page Sites and Resources Page Sites as these tend to have regularly updated themes.

Gift Giving

Christmas Songs

Childfun - things to do and make.

Last minute cookies in a jar


Christmas around the World

Crafts and decorations




AtoZ Teacher Stuff – visit themes, then winter

Christmas at Enchanted Learning – just type Christmas in the search box – over 40 ideas at time of writing.

History of the Christmas Cracker

A bit of Santa history and jokes (parental supervision might be required depending on current belief status of small people!) This is just one of the links on this excellent site – enjoy!

Snowmen – nearly too silly for anything!

Needlecraft Project

Construct a Snowman

Snowman Puzzle

Snow – Learning Treasures

Listen to a Story

More Snowmen

Snowman Bookmark

And more!

Make a snowman

More Christmas Stuff

Decoration from DK

Christmas Poems

Northern Lights1

Northern Lights 2

Northern Lights 3

Christmas Stories and Poems

North Pole Christmas