A Year in the Garden

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Last year Mrs Woodwench did some vegetables in pots so we thought we would try the same. As we were renting a house we couldn’t have a vegetable plot so we went for pots as well and it worked a treat. Here are some photos and some notes of how it all went. Next year should be a good bit better from the experience of this year. It wasn’t helped by having a new baby and moving house in the middle of it, but it worked!

The real Pud… aka Frances… with her lovingly tended tomatoes!!!!! We planted 3 plants each in 5 pots and got 5-10 cherry tomatoes every few days for about 6 weeks from late July on… We were really pleased. We grew them indoors to start with and then moved them out in early May (i know that cos i was doing it to try get baby moving!)

We weren’t too pleased with our carrots – they were supposed to be a breed for baby carrots but they went very wrong… mind you, i don’t think it helped doing them in a seed box first and replanting – we won’t do that nextt year. They got fairly heavily attacked by slugs as well. The spring onions were a big success thoguh – we got lots and they were lovely!

Not sure why our radishes were long but they were – lovely taste though. The lettuces were a shock – so fresh they almost tasted of earth – it took some getting used to!

Notes for next year
Did 15 plants – do more maybe?
Planted 4 potatoes in two pots – got a deacent crop until flooded out. More pots and leave until later to harvest.
Great taste. Need to space them out more and do something to avoid slugs eating the leaves late on.
Spring onions
Fab – plant fewer more often!
As above and don’t do in seed trays first.
Not a success – deeper pot and better species.
Lovely – fewer more often and tackle slug problem
Mange Tout
Yummy but stake them better and watch for the slugs or whatever it was that ate them!