Gardening Links

New April 2003

Composting for Kids – this is a good to look at step by step slide show on making a compost bin. Fantastic!

Kids Organics – information and games on a good looking site.

Meadowscape 10 Easy Veg – the whole site is excellent but this page suits my particular needs – idiot proof planting!

LetsGoGardening – again, excellent all over but this page will be good for when Pud gets her herb garden in multi coloured pots going!

Companion Gardening for Veg – yet another fab site – this page really works for me, as does the Herb Companion Planting page.

Gardening as an Anachist Plot – lots of useful ideas.

Gardening by the Moon – i’m normally a bit sceptical of things like this – but it made a lot of sense to me somehow!

Gardening Ideas for Kids – lots of nature related ideas for gardening with small people

Pauls Garden World is lovely and has a kids section.

GardenLinks – more links on a childrens theme.

BBC Gardening… a BBC page is always good… so here it is!

UK Weather Report

Mrs Woodwench has a good lot of links of her own…… and as she was my inspiration for this she deserves another link.

And a lot of what we did was drawn from the excellent Nezert One to One book. You can find their website by clicking on here.