Sea Life Links


We are now storming through the oceans on a quest to know everything. A fair bit of stuff we have already done will be up in project form soon, but here are a few links we are using. With thanks to Roger for helping me get started and hunting up the links!

Marine Conservation Society Navingate to Marine World for great facts and photos.

MarineBio Fabulous info and links to related games on the web.

Sealife Some useful teachers resources in the Education section. PLus places to visit and different photos in each centres special pages.

SeaWorld Excellent starting info in the Animal info section.

Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society A stunning anatomy investigator and very much more too.

Sharktrust Not started sharks yet but this comes recommended so is here in waiting!

National Marine Aquarium On our hit list of places to go and looks like it has good resources to use too.

Living Coasts Might have to go here too… i always like going to Torquay…

Things to Do

Enchanted Learning Excellent info on whales, sharks, dolphins andm ore. Its really worth the $20 for membership in my opinion too. Saves on printer paper and there is more available too.

SchoolExpress Another place i have recently subbed too for help with this project. The units, as jumping off points, are worth every penny if you need to find a foothold in a certain subject.

BBC The Blue Planet Info and games relating to the BBC series.