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Code Placidly

merryfruit got their Neopet at

Neopets!!!! A fabulous site of games where you explore a world and earn points to feed your neopet!!! Go to "Create a Pet" to sign up.

Reading Experience and Books on Reading and Reading Links


The home of Peter and Jane... yes they are still about! - good stuff on the pages that are linked from this one too.

Oxford Reading Tree

The BBC series, magic key, stems from this... designed to be less "sexist and dry" according to one page, than a certain scheme you probably learnt with!

Jolly Learning

Lots of schools use Jolly Phonics and it is advocated by at least one Montessori Site too.

Reading a-z

Hooked on Phonics


The book Teach your child to read in 100 Easy Lessons, the DISTAR reading scheme, is described here.

Cambridge Reading

Another reading scheme - not one i know a lot about to be honest!


Lots of people love this - each letter is represented by a character drawn around it. There are vast quantities of learning merchandise to accompany it too.

Bricks and Mortar

An online, downloadable reading scheme


BOB Books

Really unusual - i love these!

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