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(Please note: I do not discuss my religious beliefs with strangers so please don't ask me to. It was having other people batter me round the head with their verison of Christianity that stopped me going to church in the first place. I find it very off-putting and unhelpful. I'm very comfortable with finding my own way through such things and trying to help my children do the same. Leave me to it, be tolerant of my right to do so.)

I love spending time looking at how different Religions work and also how similar they are. I think its something important I need to bring my children up understanding well, so that hopefully they can become part of a generation that is more tolerant of others than mine. So stories such as these are fascinating to me, because I feel very comfortable with the notion of Creation Myths and stories being a way for cultures to explain how they came to be, and the differences are wonderful.

We recently began reading a simple children's Bible again and began, as you do, with The Creation. Here was the result.

Creation Story - narrated by Fran (typed by mummy)

Palm tree, giraffe and elephant and bird of paradise for the uninitiated!

How the World was Made.

The world was made by God. On the first day he made the sun and the moon. On the second day he made light and night and then he made creatures that fly and jump in the water. On the fourth day he made animals that live on the land. On the fifth day he made the trees and the flowers. On the sixth day he made a man and a woman and their names were Adam and Eve. On the seventh day he rested and he said "the seventh day you rest."

The End.

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