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merryfruit got their Neopet at

Neopets!!!! A fabulous site of games where you explore a world and earn points to feed your neopet!!! Go to "Create a Pet" to sign up.

Also see Montessori Space on this site

Science Net - Planets visible this month

Good up to date info on the current skies with tidbits of info and answer databases. Lots to explore via further links too.

BBC Space

This links to the site map so you can go expploring this wealth of information all on your own!

KidsAstronomy - plenty to look at on a kid-friendly site.

Earth and Moon Viewer - absolutely fascinating... view the world, its daylight and its weather form a variety of frequently updated viewpoints.

Welcome to the Planets

Layer upon layer of fabulous photos and fact... takes a while to download but well worth the wait

SpacePlace - really interesting and user friendly - have a good look.


An excellent child sized NASA site - there is a 14+ version too.

AbsoluteBeginnersAstronomy - if you decided to go further and get a telescope, you may well find useful Q&As here.

Astronomy Photo of the Day Archive

I was led to this by this image of Stonehenge and this one of the lights on earth from space.

Make a Scale Model of the Solar System - you might need the calculation section of this if your little ones get really into the solar system - its basic but thorough and gives you everything you need to know.

FAQ on General Astronomy - asked by middle school students.

The Nine Planets

Seriously intense but accessible and useful data - it needs a parent for younger children but all the answers are there. the author of this site has others too, which are listed here.

Pratts Educational Resources - a list of links to cover all angles of space travel from home!

KidsSpace - some cool Flash and non-Flash games on a space theme.

Edhelper - lots of worksheet based on space and the solar system.


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