2015 Update: I’m in the process of editing and updating all the pages on MuddlePuddle and adding up to date links, better formatting and better structure as well as new content. The subject areas is both one of the best sections and one most in need of extra work. While I work through it, you can find all the pages in an unordered subject archive or use the category drop down box on the right.


2015 Updated list of  Maths Resources, Support, Curriculum Ideas and Online Activities.

Archive stories from home educators on the Early Years Yahoo Group describing first maths with young children.

Susan’s Story, Sarah & Abbie and Laure.

Maths with the PuddleChicks. Archive stories of our Montessori Maths & Maths with Manipulatives.

MuddlePuddle Early Years Printable Maths Worksheets.